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EXPANSION NEWS: Viva Las Vegas! UWS Expands in the West

01/26/2024, 12:30am EST
By Jonathan Ward

United Women's Soccer (UWS) is delighted to announce the inclusion of Players SC, hailing from Las Vegas, in the highly anticipated 2024 Summer of Soccer. Established in 1989 by former professional player Saeed Bonabian, Players SC has evolved into a powerhouse in soccer development, embodying a rich history of passion and commitment to the beautiful game.

Founded under the name Neusport-Tabagators Soccer Club, Saeed Bonabian initiated the club with a vision to create a unique culture and environment for aspiring players in the Las Vegas area. Starting with just two girls' teams, the inaugural game took place on March 21, 1989. The club's core philosophy is centered around developing players with superior technical skills, a profound understanding of the game, and a spirit of creativity and joy in competition.

Saeed Bonabian's vision extended beyond local success, aiming to provide players with a pathway to pursue dreams at the collegiate or professional level. The club's commitment to excellence also included attracting coaches with playing experience at the collegiate or professional levels who shared the same approach to player development.

Under Bonabian's clear vision and strong leadership, Players SC has flourished over the years. The club now boasts over 1000 players. Players SC continues to enjoy national recognition as one of the nation's leading clubs, renowned for developing players with creativity and flair capable of competing at the highest levels.

"We are thrilled to welcome Players SC to the 2024 Summer of Soccer," stated Joe Ferrara, UWS Commissioner. "One of my fondest memories as owner of the New England Mutiny was playing against Las Vegas in 2003. Saeed and his organization were first-class hosts providing lasting memories for the women who made the trip," added Ferrara.

Players SC's participation in the 2024 Summer of Soccer adds a new chapter to their storied legacy, and UWS is excited to be part of their journey.

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